Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion watch: Shanghai story scarves

With the unpredictable weather these days, why not bring up the one fashion accessory that's timeless? Scarves. They don't know the seasons. They don't know the weather. They don't need to - not when they're always 'in'. We caught up with Lu Schaper, a free-lance artist for the famous high end fashion chain Shanghai Story. Since 2010, her art designs have been used to create a series of famous silk and pashmina scarves, including a special series for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into designing scarves?
I am a professional artist, and was approached by the famous company Shanghai Story, who found me via internet. They proposed that I make designs for them as a free-lance artist. As Shanghai is my home town, and I know the brand pretty well, I decided to embark on this new line of art, also to increase my exposure.

世博之旅 Shanghai world expo
Invited to design ,combined with different venues in the design of the elements, as well as the countries' national flags

Where do you get your inspiration for the patterns?
The first two were inspired by the Expo 2010, the first one has as its theme the HangPu river, with both PuXi and PuDong on it, representing both side of our city. The second one is more abstract, but inspire by the many different buildings at the Expo. After these, series are planned around Shanghai stories and qipao girls, in line with my paintings: delicate, luscious and trendy.

上海之恋系列 Shanghai, This is the city where I was born, This painting of my express the new view of the bund of Shanghai

How does an idea go from inspiration to finished product? Can you explain a bit about your creative process?
As a professional artist I am used to translating my creative impulses into paintings. Designing scarves is somewhat different: I have to pay even more attention to colour schemes and whether it would be suitable for wearing. In addition, there are time schedules to meet for the production. Painting is like playing a solo instrument, designing scarves is more like playing in an orchestra.


How would you describe the style of your designs?
The style is very much akin to my painting art, a style which we have named Shanghai Expressionism: expressionistic, usually colourful, but with clear Shanghai themes.
Why choose Shanghai to sell these?
Because it is my home town, and because the company who approached me is from there. The scarves are also for sale in branches of Shanghai Story outside Shanghai. In addition, my style has clear Shanghai elements.

How did you find a collaboration opportunity with the Shanghai Story Fashion Chain?
They approached me after finding my art on the internet.
What do you love most about your job?
This offers me a new page in my career, I always like to try different things. More people can enjoy my art this way, compared to making and selling one painting.

How has the reception to your designs been?
The first designs are selling very well, they are very successful, and the company has decided to use my art as decoration in their shops and office.
What are your future plans for your brand?/How do you hope to expand your line in the future?
Shanghai Story is a clear example of high class products made in China, aiming for trendy women from all over the world. They have a wide of line of products, and it is possible that my designs will find broader applications in this company.

During the world expo in Shanghai, My studio and show room in WuKang Road


Friday, March 23, 2012

Dorian Opera - No Secrets

CD cover based on my oil painting

Review in Music in Belgium: One more note: a very nice photo on the cover of the booklet, which represents a fragment of an original work (oil painting) of Lu Schaper, a painter and photographer from Shanghai.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My painting on cashmere scarf 庄周梦蝶 彩墨手绘羊绒围巾

I design and painting on cashmere scarf , a source of inspiration from the classical Chinese philosophy



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shanghai Wave

 A few years ago I was invited by the Shanghai Wave magazine to write about travelling in Holland.
Enkele jaren gelden heb ik op verzoek een artikel geschreven voor het Shanghai Wave tijdschrift met als onderwerp rezien in Holland.

This picture I took it in Kampen / Deze foto nam ik in Kampen.

interview by Shanghai Travel Times 旅游时报

Interview by Shanghai Metro Express


艺术家 人物周刊


BY 天 乙







My article published in important Shanghai newspaper

I wrote this article for an important Chinese newspaper. It is about the female artist Pan Yuliang (1899-1977), who lived and worked in Paris for most of her life.

新民周刊 我在欧洲艺术地想念故乡

Sjanghai expressionisme


Life Weekly 生活周刊访谈

interviews by XINMIN WANBAO 乡愁,是彩色的

Interview by 申报SHANGHAI TIMES 海上鹭鸶的新海派画

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shanghai Story 上海旅行LV


inspiration come from


mix with  my vedio , photography, paintings and  my  sounds

Saturday, March 17, 2012

大世界 It's a great great world


In de parken van Shanghai (In the Shanghai Parks)

Een selectie van foto's geschoten in de parken van Shanghai.


Sweet dreams 1

Flowers of Shanghai

Pied piper

Pyjama party

Copyright: Hennie Schaper.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Asian Period

Before I came to Europe, I have lived and worked for many years in China, Malaysia and Singapore. I especially worked on a series of rather nostalgic paintings based on the subject of Old Shanghai, including the qipao or cheonsam dresses that the Shanghai girls used to wear.